Get Out.

If you are in a scenario that could use our help and would like to be considered for funding, there are currently two ways to apply. Please feel free to pick whichever option feels more comfortable to you.

In the secure contact form found under Contact Us you may:


  • Provide a phone number and have a private, secure intake call with one of our staff members that has a certification in domestic abuse and will know how to discuss your scenario with discretion and sensitivity. If you choose this option, please include the hours that are best for you to talk privately. 


  • Provide the details of your current living arrangement in the form with as much information as you feel comfortable with sharing. We suggest creating a private email address that we can use to correspond with you over should you choose this option.

Image by Ross Sneddon

While we do not ask for proof of abuse as this is often an incredibly challenging thing to prove, we do ask that you understand this is an honor code. If you are chosen to receive funding, you could potentially be taking funding from another woman in danger so please do not falsify information.


After the vetting process, we will require some substantiation of home-finding like an apartment application. We look forward to helping you start over.