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Our candidate contact form has been temporarily disabled while we are in grant acquisition. We currently have over 20 applicants in review and are at the behest of donations only. Since we are a new non-profit without a wide national reach, candidates can only be funded based on how many public donations come in and currently that is low. Once we get grant approval, the contact form will be re-instated.

Please note - this is NOT a quick fix, quick paycheck or emergency housing. The process start to finish takes months for us to vet our candidates, for them to prove home-finding and finally, our legal paperwork. Funds do not get released to anyone who applies. Our candidates will be reviewed by DV experts, coached to ensure that they are ready to leave and they are legally bound to use the funds for a new apartment which must be a proven current search.

If you would like to contact Don't Stay about press, events, partnerships or donations please email