The mission of Don’t Stay Inc. is to procure funding that can discreetly get women out of abusive dwellings and into somewhere safe, as well as provide education on coercive control. 

Don’t Stay Inc. is a new, 501 (c)(3) tax exempt not-for-profit organization.

No, this does not just include physical abuse. Many forms of coercive control like Narcissistic abuse are verbally, emotionally, mentally/psychologically, financially + spiritually abusive before they turn physical. Our hope is to get involved before the prior becomes the latter.
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Don't Stay Inc.

Under the thumb of an unhealthy and toxic partner, victims’ funds are often not their funds. Their partner will control all of the finances and assets in an effort to sustain control. The partner may isolate a victim away from their family, friends and support circles. They may coerce the victim not to work. Victims are simply hostage to this situation with no escape.


The objective of Don’t Stay Inc. is to pay up to 3 months (security, first and last month’s rent) somewhere new as a hand-up to enable women to begin again. Oftentimes, this bundle payment to obtain housing becomes an overwhelming deterrent and leads a victim to “just stay” in an effort to ride out what “maybe isn’t that bad.” The hallmark of this abuse is gaslighting a victim into believing that distortion. It becomes easy for someone to color over red flags when they simply don’t have the bulk payment to leave.

Most of all. Due to hush culture, the complex nature of abuse and media misinformation--most people do not even know they are being abused. 


Enter Don't Stay.

We are here for working women, non-working women, young women, old women, low-income women, middle-income women, affluent women - women of all colors, ages, religions and income brackets.

These are women you know and love.

May we help save someone's daughter, someone's mother, someone's friend.